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Text Express 2 is a game in which you should form words with the letters given
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Text Express 2 is a word game in which you should form words with the letters given. The objective of the game is to form as many words as you can with the letters that appear at the bottom of the screen in coals. When you form a word, you click 'submit' and these coals will be thrown into the firebox, thus powering your train. So the longer your words are, the further your train will go. To win a level, you must reach the station before your opponent. What is more, there are special coals that can be used to form words that provide more points or benefits.
Furthermore, the game provides 8 different game types, namely Classic 6, Classic 7, Replace, Anagrams, Squares, Keep, Secret, and Jockers. They all have different rules and objectives, which can be seen on the help menu of the game. They are played randomly in the adventure mode, so you can never get bored.
In addition to this, the game includes two modes: Adventure and Classic, but the latter is unlocked only when you complete the Adventure mode. In the Adventure mode, your job is to connect all the cities, by building extra tracks with the money you get playing the game, whereas the Classic mode is a never-ending ride from station to station. To earn more money, you can also transport people using the wagon. There is also a set of trophies that you can collect.
The only disadvantage I find in this game is that there is no help available if you can´t figure out the words, and no penalties for wrong words. The music is also a bit repetitive and gets annoying after a while. Regarding the graphics, they are attractive, but nothing impressive.
All in all, Text Express 2 is a very complete word game that will surely get you playing for a while.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Many game types and two game modes
  • Good shop component
  • Challenging


  • No hints
  • Simple graphics
  • No penalties
  • Repetitive music
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